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$3.99 each
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AFFG UV Two-Tone Steelhead Bead - Chartreuse/Blue 12mm

Beast Mode! The Chartreuse/Blue 12mm UV bead is a player. Give this bead a shot for pocket water fishing or when pink is not producing. 
$5.00 each
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Disco Ball - Hot Pink

Hot Pink is unbeatable for spring fish, especially on small coastal rivers. Disco Balls are designed for spring steelhead where bigger beads are better. Quadruple coating gives them a deadly mix of sparkle, durability and color depth.
$6.95 each
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Gamakatsu C14S Hook - 25 Pack

The C14S is the choice of many Alaska anglers. Needle-sharp, heavy wire, and reasonably priced. A great bead hook or for tying Glo Bugs or Money Bugs. 25 per pack.
$8.95 each
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L11S-3H Salmon Stinger Hook "Dolly Llama"

The Gamakatsu L11S-3H Salmon Stinger Hook is a wicked, stout, sharp hook that works wonders as a trailer hook for patterns like the Dolly Llama. 3x strong wire helps ensure that it will hold on the biggest of fish.  This is the trailer hook we prefer for our Dolly Llamas and other similar patterns. These hooks also work great as a tube fly hook.

Quantity: 20 per pack.
$149.95 each
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Lamson Liquid 3-pack

The Liquid 3-pack comes equipped with one reel, two spare spools, and a stylish nylon carrying case. Great bang for the buck!
$5.00 each
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Mark's Metalhead Magnet Bead - Natural Roe 10mm

Hand-painted Natural Roe is a "bread & butter" steelhead bead. It is a very effective color when the water speed is slow and the fish get a good long look at your offering. 5 beads per pack. 
$199.95 each
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Renzetti Traveler - Stealth Black

The latest Traveler Vise from Renzetti in an anodized "Stealth Black" aluminum. We make no secret of the fact that we think the Traveler is the best vise for the money out there. And it looks great, too!
$119.95 each
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Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack- Roll Top

A hip pack with a roll top, for total waterproof capabilities. This pack is ideal for any time spent on Alaskan waters. Whether rain or shine, this bag is sure to please. And for under $150, you won't find much better anywhere else!
$199.95 each
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Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack

The Simms Dry Creek Zipper Hip Pack is the slickest waist bag we have played with in a while. The T-Zip ensures that all your gear stays dry, whether you get stuck in rain, snow, or just wade a bit too deep. Minimal bells and whistles, but a very comfortable and practical bag all around.
$249.95 each
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Simms Freestone Wader

The Freestone Wader is a fantastic place to start with Simms waders. Imported, they carry the name and warranty that Simms has stood by for years. These waders are a Toray material, which is a great material to keep you dry while you are fishing for hours. 
$549.95 each
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Simms G4 Pro Jacket- Black

Forget about the forecast. No matter rain or shine, this jacket is sure to please. Simms' most breathable, durable and waterproof all in one sweet jacket.   
$24.95 each
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Simms Large Mouth Water Bottle

A stainless steel, BPA-free, 22 oz. water bottle with a wide mouth to accept ice cubes - the perfect addition to your boat or bag to stay hydrated on a warm day!
$5.75 each
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Thingamabobber - 3/4" Size

Thingamabobbers are about the slickest indicator we have found for fishing in Alaska. They are super easy to cast, float beautifully, and are easy to attach and move.
$6.99 each
( 5 )

Troutbeads TB PEGGZ

These are cool! From Troutbeads comes a rubber, double-ended peg that lets you use each peg twice. At 50 pegs per pack you can peg 100 beads. Unlike toothpicks they won't damage leaders or expand and crack your beads. 3 colors to choose from.
$44.99 each
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Umpqua Double Wide Fly Box

This double sided box has the most head room for all your longest, heaviest, chunkiest streamers. Each side has nearly an inch of room and extra thick foam for maximum holding power. Your mega flies have found a home!
$14.95 each
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Umpqua Large Zinger

The Large UPG (Umpqua Pro Guide) zinger has a super secure swivel pin, over 3 feet of kink resistant coated wire, and a carabineer-style attachment for your heavier tools.
$10.95 each
( 2 )

Umpqua Small Zinger

The Small UPG (Umpqua Pro Guide) zinger has a super secure swivel pin, 2 feet of kink resistant coated wire, and a carabineer-style attachment for your nipper or tools.
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