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$899.95 each
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Echo 3 Salmon & Steelhead Switch Package

The 11'0" Echo 3 8wt. Switch package with Lamson's Guru HD 4 reel is the perfect combo for chasing salmon and steelhead all over the stake of Alaska. Whether "wogging" up silver on the South Central coast, swinging for chums on the Alagnak, this rod package is great for all salmon species.
$849.95 each
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Echo 3 Trout Switch Package

The 11'0" 5wt. Echo 3 and the Lamson Guru HD switch package is the perfect big trout, char and pink setup. It is great for swinging streamers for trout, indicator fishing out of a boat or chasing pinks off of the beach.
$1,439.95 each
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Sage One "Big Hitter" Trout Switch Package

This is the ultimate "trout" Switch Package. The Sage's ONE 5wt. switch rod with Hatch's Finatic 5+ reel is perfect for trout 12-24" on small-large rivers like the American or Brooks.
$1,669.95 each
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Sage One"Big Hitter" Salmon & Steelhead Switch Package

We've matched the best with the best. Sage's ONE series Switch rods are powerful, smooth, crisp and incredible easy to cast. Add Hatch's Finatic series reels and Rio's Switch Chucker line and you're out the door with perfection.
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