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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

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Alaska Chronicles

Laugh harder than you have in a long time while reading Alaska Chronicles. A real life look into guiding in Alaska.
$34.95 each
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Alaska Fishing

A well written and detailed "where to go" book. Now in its 3rd edition, this book is a favorite of ours.
$19.95 each
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Alaska Rainbows

A book devoted entirely to Alaska Rainbow Trout.
$18.95 each
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Fishing Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

The only book that focuses just on the Kenai Peninsula. A great guide book that covers the popular rivers and the little-fished backcountry.
$14.95 each
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Fly Casting Skills for Beginner and Expert

Whether you are a beginner or advanced fly caster, this book is a great addition to the arsenal. Learn new casting techniques and methods easily with this book.
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Fly Fishers Guide to Alaska

A comprehensive and detailed book about Alaska fly fishing. Lots of "where to go" information about all regions of the state.
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Flyfishing: First Cast to First Fish

Our favorite "getting started" book. A great overview of fly fishing from tackle to casting to reading water. Highly recommended!
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Knot Cards

Pocket-sized cards illustrate 10 crucial fly fishing knots. The diagrams are very easy to follow. Folds out to a 12" ruler.
$16.95 each
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The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

Finally, a book of fly fishing tips that are actually useful! A great book to give as a gift, or to read in your spare time.
$49.95 each
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Top Water - Fly Fishing Alaska

A beautiful and incredibly informative book on fishing in Alaska. This book has great info on tactics, where to find fish in the river, run timing, gear requirements and more.
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