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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$89.95 each
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Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack

Simplicity at it's finest with Fishpond's Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack. With waxed canvas, this pack is a great addition to any anglers gear collection. 
$119.95 each
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Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack- Roll Top

A hip pack with a roll top, for total waterproof capabilities. This pack is ideal for any time spent on Alaskan waters. Whether rain or shine, this bag is sure to please. And for under $150, you won't find much better anywhere else!
$199.95 each
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Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack

The Simms Dry Creek Zipper Hip Pack is the slickest waist bag we have played with in a while. The T-Zip ensures that all your gear stays dry, whether you get stuck in rain, snow, or just wade a bit too deep. Minimal bells and whistles, but a very comfortable and practical bag all around.
$99.95 each
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Simms Headwaters Hip Pack

An awesome hip pack for a half to full day fishing adventure. Keep all your boxes, gear, and beer all in one spot with the Headwaters Hip Pack. Throw it over your shoulder or wear it around your waist, this bag is super comfortable for all day wear.
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