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$299.95 each
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Simms Bulkley Jacket

Simms' one and only insulated rain jacket. The Bulkley Jacket was made for spring and fall fishing in Alaska and along the Pacific Northwest. Weather you encounter a snow flurry or a rain storm, stay warm, and dry in this jacket.
$67.95 each
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Simms Coldweather Pant - 25% OFF!

Originally $89.95. There is nothing like slipping on a pair of fleece-lined nylon shelled pants on a frosty morning.   
$449.95 each
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Simms G3 Guide Jacket

The G3 Guide Jacket is the ideal jacket for the fly angler who travels up and down the Pacific Northwest. Ideal for torrential rains in Southeast Alaska, fall fishing in Bristol Bay, and Spring steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula.
$549.95 each
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Simms G4 Pro Jacket- Black

Forget about the forecast. No matter rain or shine, this jacket is sure to please. Simms' most breathable, durable and waterproof all in one sweet jacket.   
$349.95 each
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Simms Guide Jacket

Made for simplicity, this jacket is the jacket that put Simms on the map. Made for the the angler who wants to stay dry, stay simple, and stay geared up with one of the best jackets on the market.
$249.95 each
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Simms Riffle Jacket

Simms' newest and lightest weight waterproof jacket on the market.  This jacket is ideal for the angler who hits the water a few times a month, and is not afraid of a little precipitation.
$299.95 each
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Women's Guide Jacket

When it comes to a good wading jacket you can wear in downpours, snowfall, and sunshine, it can be difficult finding that perfect fit. Well, ladies… Look no further! The Simms Guide Jacket offers all the protection and durability as any other jacket on the market, and it is cut just for you. Designed by women, for women. This jacket is sure to please.
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