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$85.00 each
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Abel Combo Sheath

Just the sheath for a plier & knife combo. If you already have a nice knife, this sheath combined with the #4 pliers is a good way to go.
$135.00 each
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Abel Hybrid Hemostat

The easiest operating hemostat we have ever used. An ingenious thumb lock engages and disengages the locking mechanism. Perfect when your hands are cold!
$225.00 each
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Abel Knife

Every angler should carry a knife. From trimming line to cutting yourself out of a disastrous situation, a sharp knife is crucial. The Abel knife is as good as it gets.
$415.00 each
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Abel Plier & Knife Combo

The Abel Plier & Knife combo is an angler's dream. The finest fishing pliers available matched with an ultra-sharp knife. All stored in latigo leather sheath. Makes a terrific gift.
$32.95 each
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Dr. Slick Barracuda Plier

Great for big toothy critters. These pliers are durable and come equipped with built in cutters, lanyard and sheath.
$32.95 each
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Dr. Slick Bullet Head Pliers

If you want some heavy duty, durable pliers that will crush barbs, remove hooks, cut tippet, and come equipped with a lanyard and sheath, the Bullet Head Pliers were made for you.
$19.95 each
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Dr. Slick Scissor Plier

We all want to minimize the number of tools we need when we're out fishing. Check out these clamps from Dr. Slick.
$13.95 each
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Dr. Slick Straight Locking 4" Clamp

Dr. Slick's standard locking hemostat with gold loops is ideal for releasing trout and grayling.
$14.95 each
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Dr. Slick Straight Locking 5.5" Clamp

Perfect pliers for everyday trout and salmon fishing!
$59.95 each
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Dr. Slick Typhoon Plier

The Typhoon Plier from Dr. Slick is a terrific tool for a reasonable amount. They are machined aluminum (not cast) so they will last even with saltwater use, they have strong & accurate jaws that can crush barbs and remove flies, a really nice set of off-set cutters to get right in close to knots and they come with a holster, lanyard and an extra set of jaws and cutters with an allen wrench to change them. A heck of a set of pliers!
$24.99 each
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Toothy Critter 8.5" Scissor Forceps

Streamworks Big Game Forceps are just the tool for big fish. The Power Jaws act as both a clamping forcep and a crushing plier. The scissors cut heavy mono and braid easily.
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