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$350.00 each
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Sage Approach

The Approach is the finest entry level rod Sage has ever made. Through the use of high modulus graphite and Sage's legendary design, the Approach is easy to cast and packs a real punch. A great value!
$495.00 each
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Sage Grace

The Sage Grace rod is a 5 weight rod with an eye-catching pink iridescent blank. At 8' 6" it is fast action with a soft feel. $50 from every rod sale goes to Casting for Recovery.
$450.00 each
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Sage Motive

Imagine yourself casting long distance casts with a large pick up and let down presentations, stripping attractor patterns for large fish through wind, and casting just a few yards further than you used to. You must have a Motive in your hand. This rod is made for big fish, big casts, and big flies, so what better place to use it than Alaska?
$850.00 each
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Sage One

The Sage One is by far the finest rod Sage has ever made. The Sage One is a fast action, durable rod built for turning over big salmon flies and nymphing rigs, while casting tight loops, and delivering accurate casts. It is a fast action, precision casting machine. From small streams and tight quarters to booming casts on big rivers. The One will get it done!

$450.00 each
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Sage Pulse

If you are looking for a rod that will perform in Alaskan weather and standards, the Sage Pulse is for you. Once you get this fast- action, easy to handle, and a very sexy green rod in your hand, you won't want to put it down.
$275.00 each
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Sage Response 490-4 - $125 OFF!

Originally $395.00. Perfect for small stream nymph and dry fly fishing to grayling, cutthroat and rainbows, the Sage Response is a fast action rod ready for any situation.
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