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$299.95 each
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"Bare Bones" Salmon & Steelhead Package

Getting started? Need a good rod and reel combo for a great price? Or a back up rod outfit for the upcoming trip? Check out this rod/reel package with the Echo Ion as its base.
$289.95 each
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"Bare Bones" Trout Package

If you need to keep it under 3 bills, check out this package. An Echo Carbon 4-piece rod is matched with an Echo Ion series reel.
$1,774.95 each
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"Big Hitter" King Salmon Package

If you are looking for the absolute best tackle for chasing king salmon, this is it. A super smooth and powerful Sage One 10 weight rod is matched with a Hatch Finatic 9+ reel and our custom AFFG Super Versi-Tip line.
$1,470.00 each
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"Big Hitter" Salmon & Steelhead Package

There is no finer tackle for pursuing salmon and steelhead. Fly fishing for salmon and steelhead in Alaska demands quality gear. The Sage One 890-4 rod, Hatch Finatic 7 Plus reel and a Rio Grand floating line will cover just about any fishing situation Alaska can throw at you.
$1,370.00 each
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"Big Hitter" Trout Package

If you are looking for the absolute finest tackle for pursuing trout, look no further. In this package we have matched a Winston BIIIx 5 weight rod with a Hatch Finatic 5+ reel and a Rio Gold line.
$853.95 each
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"Getting Started" King Salmon Package

A Sage 10 weight Motive rod is matched with a dependable Lamson Guru 4 reel and a Rio Versi-Tip line. If you are looking to get started king salmon fishing this a great value.
$709.00 each
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"Getting Started" Salmon & Steelhead Package

In this package we offer a 9 foot, 4-piece Sage Response rod matched with a Sage 3280 Reel. A very solid rod and reel, without breaking the bank.
$689.00 each
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"Getting Started" Trout Package

A Sage 5 weight, 9 foot, 4-piece Response rod is matched with a dependable Sage 3250 reel. This is a terrific package for the money.
$179.95 each
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Echo Gecko Rod Package

The Echo Gecko is designed and built just for kids. At 7'9" in a 4/5 weight it is easy to handle and learn with. We pair the Gecko with the Echo Solo reel and a floating fly line to get your little one started.
$169.99 each
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Echo Solo Package

Looking to pick up fly fishing without breaking the bank? Or in the market for a rod you won’t feel guilty about leaving on the floor of your car for months on end? Check out the Echo Solo Package. For under $200, the Solo Package will get you on the water fishing immediately.
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