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$149.95 each
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Sage 2200 Reel

The Sage 2200 Series Reel is way more than you would expect from a reel at this price. Die cast and then machined for extra refinement. Great drag and a fully machined drag knob and crank round out this solid reel.
$239.00 each
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Sage 3200 Reel

The Sage 3200 series reel is one of our shops most popular reels because it is a great price point for one heck of a great fully machined reel. Smooth disc drag will help you fight fish all day, and the sleek large arbor will pick up line as needed.
$289.00 each
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Sage 4200 Reel

The 4200 is one of our favorite reels from Sage. As soon as you pick it up you know it's a winner. Light in the hand but sturdy, perfectly proportioned, and a smooth sealed drag. A great reel, especially for the price.
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