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"Getting Started" Trout Package

$459.95 each
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Looking for a rod to chuck streamers and toss bead rigs with? This rod package is a killer deal on some even killer gear!

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We chose the 9' 0" - 5 weight Echo Boost rod for this package. The Boost is fast action rod more than campable of throwing leeches, fry patterns, as well as roll casting bead and nymph rigs like a charm.

The reel is a sturdy and time proven Sage 3250 Reel. It is a solid aluminum, large arbor reel with a sealed drag system. This reel performs well in tight rivers, long runs, and even in the saltwater, hands down one of our shop favorites.

We chose the Rio Grand line for this rod package. The line is a weight forward, floating line, with an extra heavy front head for extra loading action on the Boost. The Grand is a two-toned line, so when you see the belly in your rod, you know it's time to pick it up, false cast a couple times, and watch the line fly. Because of the heavy front taper of this line, it also rolls over big bead rigs with minimal effort.

The package comes with a rod tube, neoprene reel case, PowerFlex Trout leader, 20lb dacron backing, and lifetime warranty to first owner.

This rod package has the great savings of over $150!!