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"Big Hitter" King Salmon Package - ON SALE!!!

$1,515.00 each
( 4 )
If you are looking for the absolute best tackle for chasing king salmon, this is it. A super smooth and powerful Sage One 10 weight rod is matched with a Hatch Finatic 9+ reel and our custom AFFG Super Versi-Tip line.


A Sage One 1090-4 rod is matched with a Hatch Finatic 9+ reel. It doesn't get any better than this.

The One is fast action but super light in the hand and surprisingly easy to cast. You can cast this rod all day without getting fatigued. 

The Hatch Finatic 9+ is one of the finest reels made today. A smooth and powerful drag is matched with precise machining to create a reel that is unfailingly reliable and darn good looking to boot. 

With this package we include our exclusive Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Super Versi-Tip Line. The Super Versi-Tip includes a standard Rio Versi-Tip that comes with four 15 foot interchangeable tips that range from full floating to fast sinking. We then add in 3 additional tips that give you the ability to reach the kings no matter what depth they are holding in. The three additional tips are a 15 ft Type 8 tip, a 12.5 ft T-17 tip and a 10 foot Rio MOW Tip that is 2.5 of floating and 7.5 ft of T-14. 

This package ships for free in the U.S. and both rod and reel have an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.