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Scientifc Angler Sharkskin Steelhead - 40% OFF

$59.95 each
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The Sharkskin Steelhead taper has a much longer rear taper than a standard line. This will help you hold more line in the air, make huge mends, and monster roll casts. ORIGINALLY $99.95.


Here at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, we were a little skeptical when Sharkskin came out. Could it live up to the hype? Is it worth $99? After fishing these lines for a year, the answer across the board is YES. Sharkskin lines shoot effortlessly, pick up off the water like a dream, and feed slack line into a dead drift like no other line we know.If you are fishing bead rigs with split sho, indicator and the whole nine yards, this is the line for you.  Welded loop up front. Length is 105 feet. Color is Mist Green.

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