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Sage Motive

$450.00 each
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Imagine yourself casting long distance casts with a large pick up and let down presentations, stripping attractor patterns for large fish through wind, and casting just a few yards further than you used to. You must have a Motive in your hand. This rod is made for big fish, big casts, and big flies, so what better place to use it than Alaska?

Rod Size


From Us:
This rod is not made for small stream nymph fishing for steelhead. The Sage Motive is made for King Salmon. A surprisingly light and easy rod to handle in hand, the Motive truly impressed us, especially because it is under $500! Made for saltwater, we expected a stiff hard to handle rod, but that’s not what we got. The Sage Motive was meant for long distance casts and fighting strong fish, but is light enough to cast all day with little fatigue. If you know how to haul your line, your fly could very well end up on the other side of the river.

From Sage:
-Graphite IIIe technology
-Medium-fast action
-Bluefin Blue blank color
-Blue thread wraps with Royal Blue and Black trim wraps
-Oversized ceramic stripper guides
-Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
-Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with hook keeper
-Full-wells cork handle
-Blue Steel ballistic nylon rod tube with divided liner

Lifetime Guarantee against breakage, means casting big weighted salmon flies fearlessly.

A quick note on how to read Sage's rod sizes. Lets take an 890-4 as an example. The first number is the rod weight. In this case it is an 8 weight. The next two numbers are the rod length in feet and inches. This rod is 9 feet 0 inches. Then there is a dash 4 which means it is a four piece rod.