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Bristol Bay - Early Season Bead Selection

$79.95 each
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If you are fishing Bristol Bay from mid-July through mid-August, you will find spawning chum and king salmon. This bead selection has the best colors and sizes to mimic the eggs trout will be jumping on.


Mid summer in Bristol Bay marks the beginning of the salmon spawn.  Most rivers in the region will have spawning king salmon and chum salmon.  This bead selection is catered to best match the eggs from these two species.  If you are going to be fishing the Bristol Bay region in July or early August, this is the selection for you. If you're not sure if this is the selection for you, please contact us and we'll be happy to make sure you are set with the beads, flies and tackle for your trip.

Selection Includes: 8mm & 10mm beads in Mottled Natural Roe, M. Tangerine, M. Orange Clear, M. Peachy King, M. Mango, M. Egg Yolk, M. Sun Orange, Shrimp Pearl and Mottled Oregon Cheese. Also included are #4 and #6 hooks, BB and 3/0 split shot, wood & plastic bead pegs, Thingamabobber indicators ( 2 - 1" & 2 - 3/4") all packed in a compartmentalized box.