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Kenai Report 7-1-11

The mighty Kenai is up a little from last week, but still running low for this time of year.  With the water being low, it is running very clear.  This equals spooky fish.  Dry fishing on the upper has been fantastic. Our friend Johnny from Kenai Float-N-Fish says the upper has a Montana feel to it.  He says the fish can see everything! And he means everything.  For fishing dries and nymphs, try fishing various mayfly patterns and go light on the tippet.  GO Slow and take your time and be prepared to see all the fish that you missed dart by the boat when rowing through the tail-outs.

When the water is low and clear, the predatory trout will seek deeper water and structure to hide in during the day.  Then they will come out at night and early mornings to feed. Swinging leeches can still produce some nice fish. Try this technique early in the mornings, before the fish have been fished to by a bunch of other anglers.  Go smaller and try patterns such as Sculpzillas in #8 or New School Muddlers in #10.

The first run sockeye still have not materialized in the main stem, making for a lot of casting for a few fish.  The Russian is fishing well though, so those of you looking to get some fresh sockeye fillets, look at the Russian or wait for the second run that should start showing up in a few weeks.

We hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July and that there are a lot of fish presenting themselves on the end of your line.  Be safe and have fun this holiday weekend.

Brad and Mike

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