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Bristol Bay Report for August 21, 2008
Our man Nate has excellent fishing to report from the waters of Bristol Bay.  Silvers and pinks are continuing to flood in to the Nushagak.  This should continue to fish good for another week or two.  Hot pinks, fuschias and purples are kicking it.  Try Hareball Leeches, Mega Moals , Lead Eye E.S.L.s and other bunny leech patterns on a floating line or possible a short sink-tip. If you feel lucky, try top water flies like the Popper Wog in pink. The fish run close to the beach so keep wading to a minimum.
Silvers are also showing up in good, fishable numbers in other rivers in the area.  The Togiak is seeing decent numbers in the lower river and should continue to show in good numbers throughout the next few weeks.  Check out slower runs, sloughs and gravel bars.  Try flies in pinks, purples and blacks in a variety of sizes.  The Kanektok is seeing swarms of silvers coming in with the cooler wet weather of last week.  Again the typical silver flies are good choices.  Check out our silver selection to get a good idea of what to throw.  You might even try some top water patterns like the Articulated Popper Wog or the Hammer Head Wog in pink.
Sockeye are spawning or getting ready to spawn in most systems in the area.  Rivers like the Moraine are in full-blown spawn.  Beads, flesh and egg patterns are a must this time of year.  Try 6 and 8 mm beads in fresher colors like the Mottled Tangerine.   Remember that rivers in Katmai National Park and Preserve are fly only waters, so wrap those hooks!
The Kvichak has been a leech show up until now.  Chums are spawning in a lot of runs and the sockeye are not far behind.  Try beads in sizes 6, 8, and 10 mm.  If you prefer to fish leeches, try swinging blacks, olives and other natural colors.  You might even try swinging articulated flesh patterns like Barely Legals and Articulated Lady Flesh.
The Agulawak and Agulapak have yet to see the sockeye spawn, but it is not far off.  Dries and nymphs are still working well.  You might try fishing a bead above a nymph.  When salmon start to dig their redds, they kick up lots of aquatic nymphs.  This can be an excellent time to fish P.T.s and Copper Johns.   Look for mayfly and caddis hatches in the afternoons.  Green Drakes can often be seen drifting on the waters surface, drying out their sailboat like wings.  Trout and grayling love them.
Until next time,
Tight lines and good luck!
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