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Fly Tying Eyes such as Dazl Eyes, Real Eyes Plus, I-Balz, Bead Chain Eyes, Mono Eyes, Deep Sea Eyes, Prismatic Stick On Eyes, 3 D Stick On Eyes, and more.

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Bead Chain Eyes


The original eye and still used on lots of patterns. Simply cut pairs of eyes with a set of diagonals and wrap figure eight style to secure them. We use them on our Salmon Fry, Humpy Hooker and many other patterns. Silver or Gold 
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Dazl Eyes


The default eye for all your tying needs. Dazl Eyes are perfectly machined from non-toxic brass and are more durable than lead. Come in Gold, Nickel or Black Nickel. 
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Deep Sea Eyes


Deep Sea Eyes are machined and anodized from high-grade aluminum. They are very light in weight and offer the ability to create a large pupil on a fly without weighing it down. Comes with Prismatic Stick on eyes. 
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I-Balz are machined from brass with a durable enamel iris. They are extra heavy for their size and make super realistic baitfish patterns. We use these on our Jig Spankers, too. 
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Prismatic Stick-On Eyes


Prismatic Eyes are silver with a black pupil and make very realistic bait fish eyes. They can either be stuck to Real Eyes or Cross Eyed Cones or put directly on the head of a saltwater pattern. 
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Real Eyes Plus


Add a little realism to your flies. Real Eyes Plus take the very popular brass Real Eyes and adds a realistic enamel iris that will never pop out. Comes in four different colors. 
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