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Connect: The Movie

Price: $29.95

Shot entirely on 16 mm motion picture film, the cinematography and beauty of this film is unlike anything the fly fishing industry has ever seen. 
onfluence Films, the makers of “Drift” and “Rise,” just announced the release of their third film, “Connect,” which will be available on DVD this fall. “Connect” will be another multi-segment collection of individual stories shot around the world and includes video of fly fishing in Japan, Maine, Cuba, Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and Africa.

Confluence is announcing that they will once again offer early screenings of the new film to qualified conservation entities and organizations. With the new movie available to the public on DVD in early November, for the month of October, Confluence will offer retailers, groups, clubs, and other select entities the chance to exclusively premiere the new film in their area as a fundraiser for fisheries-based conservation projects. “With the first two films, the  by Text-Enhance" id="_GPLITA_1" href="http://anglersbooksupply.com/detail.phtml?id=22182" in_rurl="http://i.txtsrving.info/click?v=VVM6NDg5NTE6MTEyNTpwcm9ncmFtOmQwYzE0OTFhNjNiMmJlMDFjYTY4MGFiOGIyMTNjY2YwOnotMTA0MS0xMDc1NTM6YW5nbGVyc2Jvb2tzdXBwbHkuY29tOjk0MjY5OjY4OTkwYTU4ZGEwMTkwNWE1YTRhM2UwNDJiMWFlMDMxOjlhOTcxZGRkOTdiNzRjZTBhNTgwNjI1ZDkwOTVmNjZm" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #606f55; font-size: 13px;">program that we established for pre-release conservation screenings raised over $50,000.00 for a number of different organizations and projects,” said Confluence’s Jim Klug. “With the new film, we plan on blocking off a month just before the release of the DVD where groups can premiere the film in their area and hopefully raise even more money for fisheries projects.” A Confluence Films Production.

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