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Dolly Llama Flies

Dolly Llamas are one of the hottest flies in Alaska for both trout and salmon. The heavy cone head and flowing rabbit body make an irresistable combination. Equally good as a swung fly or stripped. Try one out. You will be impressed!

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The Photo Shows from top to bottom:
#6 Dolly Llama - For smaller streams and where sub-20" fish are the norm.
#4 Dolly Llama - Available in select colors for trout fishing.
#2 Dolly Llama - Perfect for salmon, steelhead and big trout and dollies.
1/0 Mega Dolly Llama - For the biggest of fish such as king salmon. 

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Dolly Llama-Brown 'n' Tan


The Brown and Tan Dolly Llama was originally tied as a bull trout fly in Oregon and Washington. It started catching big rainbows in Alaska and the rest is history. 
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Egg Dolly Llama - Black & White #4


The already deadly Dolly Llama gets the added punch of a 10mm bead! The new Egg Dolly Llamas look amazing. Make sure to have a few for your fly box. 
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Egg Dolly Llama - Flesh & Cream #4


A Dolly Llama flesh pattern color combo with a 10mm bead up front. Almost not fair. This fly looks wicked. 
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Egg Dolly Llama - Olive & White #4


The always effective Olive & White Dolly Llama gets a turbo charge of 10mm bead action. Big trout are on notice! 
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Egg Dolly Llama - Purple & White #4


Purple & White is a new color combination for the Egg Dolly Llama. As close to a Purple Egg Sucking Leech Dolly Llama as you can get. 
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Egg Dolly Llama - White #4


Here comes your flesh fly Egg Dolly Llama. White has always been a producer where big trout are concerned. Now the addition of a 10mm bead takes the game up a notch. 
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MEGA Dolly Llama - Chartreuse & Steely Blue 1/0


When BIG fish are on the agenda reach for the MEGA Dolly Llama. Tied with a larger 1/0 hook, magnum rabbit strips and just a bit more length, the MEGA is just the ticket for kings, big steelies and other large quarry. 
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