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It is April 1st in
Alaska and we have been hard at work this winter. From our flagship river construction project to new products you simply won't believe.

We think you will agree, the deep-thinkers at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods have really outdone themselves this time.

Good fishing!


construction site.jpg


By Chris Kromer

Thanks to United States Government economic stimulus dollars, there is a new steelhead river under construction in downtown
Juneau! A project of this scope has never before been undertaken smack in the middle of a residential and commercial neighborhood.

The government was skeptical about funding the project until learning that the river would be entirely hydro powered. "The green nature of the project really sealed the deal," said project manager Red Salmon. Government funders also wanted answers about where the water would come from. After visiting
Juneau on a rainy day, they were able to confirm that anything resembling a stream, ditch, or channel was completely full of running water.

As we go to press, we have mail ordered 2000 adult steelhead to get the program started. On the order form we checked "Big Ones" so we expect the average steelhead size to be impressive.

Even though quite a few historic homes had to be condemned and destroyed to make way for the project,
Juneau residents are enthusiastic. Many nearby residents say they are excited about winter steelheading from the comfort of their living room. According to longtime Juneauite Kip Kelt, "I can't wait for January. I'll be swinging flies for monster winter-runs while watching the NFL playoffs! It is going to be awesome."

mouse pattern copy.jpgNEW MOMMA & BABIES MOUSE FLY PATTERN

It is a well know fact that if a mouse falls into a river in Alaska a rainbow trout is going to try to eat it. The first fly pattern to take advantage of this was the Mouse Fly and it worked well. Then a creative fly tier invented the Articulated Mouse Fly and it caught even more rainbows.

Now we have taken it one step further. The Momma & Babies Mouse Fly. If a single mouse looks tasty to a trout, imagine what an entire family of mice looks like! We have actually seen rainbows chase this pattern 30 feet up into a meadow. Shocking.



Anyone who has owned waders knows that eventually you will get a leak. The best solution has always been a dab of the waterproof flexible glue called Aquaseal. After noting that many heavily used waders were more than half covered with this miracle glue, the proverbial light bulb went on.

These waders, exclusively available from Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, are manufactured entirely from Aquaseal! Ingenious? You bet. Flexible and comfortable? Absolutely. Breathable? Not so much.

Try on a pair. You will be amazed.

Note: Because Aquaseal is clear by nature, we strongly recommend you don't wade "commando." Be kind to your fellow anglers.

As always, if you have questions or comments be sure to contact us. If you found this newsletter offensive or in poor taste please do not contact us.



Brad Elfers & Mike Cole
Alaska Fly Fishing Goods







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