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Steelhead Bead Selection

$64.95 each
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We've taken our popular Steelhead Selection and revamped it with even better beads.  The Steelhead Selection now includes a variety of AFFG Steelhead Beads in 10 and 12mm, Mottled Trout Beads in 10 and 12mm and Glow Beadz in 10mm.This exclusive collection of beads, along with hooks, pegs, and indicators, are proven steelhead killers.


With this selection all you need to do is get yourself out on the water. Selection includes: 14 compartment bead box, 25 #2 Gamakatsu C14S bead hooks, wood bead pegs, mono bead pegs,  #7 & 3/0 split shot and two 1" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators.  Beads include approximately: 5-12mm and 7-10mm each of Mottled Trout beads in Natural Roe, Dark Roe and Orange Clear. 5-12mm and 7-10mm of AFFG Steelhead Beads in Nail Polish, Cosmic Red and Cosmic Pink and about 14 10mm AFFG Guide Pink beads.  Also included are 3 -10mm each of Glow Beads in Pink, Orange, Blue and Yellow.  

If you really want to take the selection up a notch ADD two 5-packs of our favorite colors of Mark's custom Disco Balls. Natural Roe in 12mm and Montana Roe in 12mm. Just $10 more!