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Sage Response 1090-4 - $175 OFF!

$275.00 each
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Originally $395.00. Are you looking for a King Salmon machine? Look no further than the Sage Response! 

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Great for kicking over big flies in small places, the Response is deceptively easy to load and when conditions get tough it can deliver the goods. This rod is a classic Sage!

If you are looking for a fast action rod with the ability to both kick over nymphing rigs and large weighted streamers, a rod that is easy to load, and will not fall apart in wind, than the Sage Response is what you’re looking for.

From Us:
The Response has a classic Sage rod feel. With a light body you can cast all day, and a fairly fast action smoothness while casting that will keep you casting even in windy conditions. The Response is spot on a great Sage rod, made exclusively in the USA for just under $400!

From Sage:
-Graphite IIIe technology
-Fast action
-Chestnut blank color
-Brown primary wraps with Black and Gold trim wraps
-Ceramic stripper guides
-Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
-Freshwater 3-6 weights:
Rosewood insert and anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
Reverse half-wells cork handle
-Saltwater 6-10 weights:
Anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
Full-wells cork handle with fighting butt
-Rugged Brown nylon rod tube with divided liner

Lifetime Guarantee against breakage, means casting big weighted salmon flies fearlessly.

A quick note on how to read Sage's rod sizes. Lets take an 896-4 as an example. The first number is the rod weight. In this case it is an 8 weight. The next two numbers are the rod length in feet and inches. This rod is 9 feet 6 inches. Then there is a dash 4 which means it is a four piece rod.
The "Wild Cards." Sage also makes a few trout rods that are equipped with a fighting butt, full wells grip and anodized aluminum reel seat. They are the 691-4 (#6 9' 0") and 697-4 (#6 9' 6").