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Sage Small 33" Multi Rod Case

$100.00 each
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Innovative and perfectly designed to protect your valuable rods. Constructed of aluminum with oversized rubber end caps, these cases are alternately light in weight and very tough.


The Small Case has a 2.5" internal diameter & will hold 2 saltwater rods, or 3 freshwater rods.
A quick 1/4 turn releases the end cap. When shut it keeps out water, sand, grit and everything else that might harm a rod.  

We suggest placing the fighting butt/grip end of one rod down and one rod up.

-The aluminum is alternately concave and convex which adds dimensional strength (and look cool)
-Shoulder Strap
-Customizable ID area
-Oversized rubberized end caps helps prevent scratches & dents
-Choose the 33" model for 9, 9 1/2 & 10 foot rods. Choose the 44" model for all switch rods and two-hand rods up to 14 feet in length.