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Dolly LLama Black & White

$3.95 each
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The one that started it all. The Black & White Dolly Llama is the #1 color for trout and char and is also amazingly effective on salmon and steelhead. Don't fish Alaska without it!

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Big Rainbows love this fly. Try it out on fussy, lock-jawed silvers. It wakes them up when nothing else will! Also a very good Sheefish fly. 

The photo shows the 4 sizes of Dolly Llama we offer: Mega 1/0, #2, #4, #6. Use the #2 for most applications in Alaska. If you are targeting big trout, the #4 has all the size & motion of the #2 but with a trout-friendly hook. The #6 is a great Lower 48 and South America trout fly. The #1/0 Mega has an even larger conehead and bigger profile and is designed for king salmon and other mega predators.

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Love this dolly llama, sometimes I am taken in my the other "colorful" dollys, but I tell you, when the all else fails, this fly will take fish. This fly will ALWAYS produce fish.

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