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Fish Skulls

$5.95 each
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Fish Skulls are a great product that can be used on all kinds of flies. Baitfish, sculpins, salmon flies, and more. Simply size the Fish Skull to the hook you will use, tie the fly, and as a final step slide the Skull on from the front and secure it with a little Zap-A-Gap. 


Unique design feature places the center of gravity and 70% of the weight of the Fish-Skull slightly below the hook shank producing a keeling effect similar to a dumbbell. The keel helps the fly track and orientate in the correct position and allows the fly to be tied in either the hook down or the hook up position if desired.   Fish-Skulls are available in 4 sizes (Small, Small-Medium, Medium and Large). The range fits hooks ranging from as small as a #8 (small freshwater/trout streamers) up to big #4/0 hooks (larger saltwater).

Size SMALL for hook sizes typically #8, #6, #4.
Size SMALL-MEDIUM for hook sizes typically #4, #2, #1.
Size MEDIUM for hook sizes typically #2, #1, #1/0.
Size LARGE for hook sizes typically #2/0, #3/0, #4/0

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