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Pike Fly Selection

$99.95 each
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A box of flies just for Alaska's fiercest freshwater predator! From surface poppers to streamers to drowning rodents this 19 fly selection has it all.
Fly Selection


Includes Flashtail Whistlers, Bish-A-Rats, Pike Clouser Minnows in Red/Yellow, Barry's Pike Fly, Swimming Frogs, Mice and more........

Purchase the selection as Flies Only or get one of our custom Alaska Fly Fishing Goods fly boxes for an additional $12.95. The box is single sided slit foam and measures 8.75" x 4.5" x 1.5".

Don't forget to grab a couple of Rio wire leaders for pike fishing! They'll tear through mono in a heartbeat.... For casting these massive bugs we like the Rio Powerfly Floating Line. It turns over the largest of flies and loads fast action rods quickly.

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