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Coneheads - Nickel Silver

$4.95 each
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When your streamer, sculpin, leech or deep-running minnow needs more weight than a bead head, cone heads are just the ticket.

Notes on selecting a size:
the 3/16" is for trout flies,
the 1/4" is the standard size for conehead salmon flies like Popsicles, Kandy Kanes, Alaskabous, as well as #6 Dolly Llamas,
the 3/8" is quite heavy and is the default size for #2 Dolly Llamas.
Finally, if you want an extra heavy #2 Dolly Llama go with the 7/16

Quantities per package: 3/16" - 20, 1/4" - 20, 3/8" - 15, 7/16" - 12


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