Fly Fishing for Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon) Print

chumsalmon[1].jpgMeet The Fish: Chum Salmon

The Chum is often regarded as the "Ugly Stepsister" of Alaskan salmon species, but this stepsister can really pack a punch. The second-largest of the Alaskan salmonids, adult chums average 8-13 lbs with the occasional specimen topping 30lbs. Often called "Dog Salmon" due to their fierce dentition exhibited during spawning as well as the males tendency to bite and nip at each other, the chum is available from May-October with the best fishing in July near the mouths of their natal streams. Chums are abundant in all regions of the state except the Kenai peninsula and are most populous in Southeast Alaska, with some runs numbering in the millions.  To view photos of chums in our photo gallery, click here .

Gear and Flies
While not a spectacular fighter, the chum is the bulldog of the salmon world. Tenacious and strong, the chum is best tamed with an 8 or 9wt 9-foot rod matched with a dependable, high-capacity reel with a good drag system. Depending upon the method of presentation, fly line choices include sinking tip lines, full-float weight-forward lines, and multi-tip systems to deliver your offering to the proper depth. Small, brightly colored flies are often the key to the chum angler's success, with popular patterns including the Pink Neon Shrimp, Purple Egg Sucking Leech, and the Chartreuse Everglow.

Winston BIIm-x 9' 9wt
Sage One 9' 8wt
Sage VXP 9' 8wt
Winston B3x 9' 8wt

Abel Super 8
Nautilus CCF 8
Galvan Torque T-8
Ross CLA 4

Rio Grand WF Floating
Rio VersiTip
Scientific Angler Wet Tip IV

Neon Shrimp Kandy Kane
Everglow Green
Flash Fly
Leadeye Egg Sucking Leech Purple