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Bucktail & Hair

Bucktail, Bucktail Pieces, Calf Tails, Deer Hair and other assorted animal hair.

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Bucktail Combo Pack


The Bucktail Combo Pack is a great way to get a good selection of bucktail colors without buying whole tails. Contains six different pieces of bucktail. 
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Bucktail Pieces


Bucktail Pieces are small portions cut out of a full bucktail. If you are only tying a dozen or so flies, Bucktail Pieces are good value.  
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Bucktails - Prime Quality


Prime quality northern bucktails in great colors. 
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Calftail is a slightly crinkly natural material that makes beautiful wings on medium and small salmon flies. 
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Coastal Blacktail Deer


Deer Body Hair is ideal for spinning as well as for wings. Very nice quality hair on a soft tanned skin. Color is Dark shown on the far left. 
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Deer Belly Hair - Prime


Deer Belly Hair is ideal for spinning bodies. These strips are high quality and dyed in vivid colors. Great for Pollywogs, mouse patterns, pike flies, bass bugs and more. 
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Elk Hair


A "Must Have" for tying patterns like the Elk Hair Caddis. Comes in Natural and dyed colors of Brown, Olive, and Black. 
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Fluorescent Bucktail Combo Pack


The Fluorescent Bucktail Combo Pack is a great way to get a selection of Alaska-Style bucktail colors without buying whole tails. Contains six different bucktail pieces. 
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Squirrel Tail


Squirrel Tail is commonly used on hairwing salmon flies and traditional sub surface steelhead flies. Easy to stack and work with. 
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