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Bead Heads

Fly Tying Bead Heads such as Brite Beads and Hot Beads.

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Brite Bead Heads


Brite Bead Heads are machined from brass and have two hole diameters. Durable finish won't tarnish. 25 per pack. 
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Fish Skulls


Fish Skulls are a great new product that can be used on all kinds of flies. Baitfish, sculpins, salmon flies, and more. Simply size the Fish Skull to the hook you will use, tie the fly, and slide the Skull on from the front. 
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Hot Beads


Hot Beads have a super-durable baked on enamel finish over a base coat. They hold up better than any other painted bead we have used. They make awesome "Hot Bead" Egg Sucking Leeches. 
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Sculpin Helmets


Sculpin Helmets are wider, flatter, and heavier than Fish Skulls. They have a keel design so you can tie a fly to ride hook up or hook down. Easily slides on the hook from the front after tying the fly. 
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Tungsten Beads


Add a little more pop and a little more drop to your flies. Tungsten beads are heavier than brass beads and will help get your flies in the strike zone. 
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