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Assorted Hair

Assorted Hair such as moose, caribou, muskrat, and more.

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Black Bear


Beautiful and soft, Black Bear hair makes very nice streamers. 
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Caribou is one of our favorites for spinning. It is soft, flares easily, and packs into a very dense head or body. Great for Muddler Minnow Heads or Irresistable Wulff bodies. 
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Elk Hair


A "Must Have" for tying patterns like the Elk Hair Caddis. Comes in Natural and dyed colors of Brown, Olive, and Black. 
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Fish Hair - 70 Denier


Fish Hair is the best substitute there is for natural bucktail. We use it in our Salmon Fry, Humpy Hooker, and Neil Creek Dart Flies. It is easy to work with, very durable, and sinks quickly. 4" Length. 
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Moose Body Hair


Moose Body hair is stiff, straight, and very easy to stack. Makes very nice wings on Humpy and Wulff dry flies as well as salmon flies where a dark wing is desired. 
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Moose Mane


Nice long Moose Mane for tying Alaska's State Bird: the Mosquito. Tie in one dark hair and one light hair and wrap simultaneously to create the Mosquito body. 
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Sculpin Wool


Sculpin Wool is a thick, yarny material that is used for making sculpin heads. Clumps of wool are tied in, spun, and trimmed to make heads. Great for woolhead sculpins and colorful Garcia Sculpins. 
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Squirrel Tail


Squirrel Tail is commonly used on hairwing salmon flies and traditional sub surface steelhead flies. Easy to stack and work with. 
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