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All anglers coming to Alaska West first take a commercial flight into Anchorage. From Anchorage there are two ways to reach Alaska West.

Anchorage to Quinhagak via Alaska West Charter

OPTION 1. The easiest option is to take Alaska West's weekly charter flight directly from Anchorage to Quinhagak. The flight is run by TransNorthern Aviation on a Super DC-3 that holds 18 passengers. Flight time is under two hours and the cost is $625 round trip. The charter leaves Friday mornings at 10 am. You will want to be at TransNorthern Aviation by 9 am.

When you arrive in Anchorage, you do not need to check in at a ticket counter on the 2nd level. You may go directly to the downstairs level of the A Concourse where you will be met by TransNorthern staff. At this point you will give your name to TransNorthern staff and check in your baggage for the flight. The A Concourse does not require a security check-in, but TransNorthern does ask that the guests be at the gate one hour prior to departure.

At the end of your trip, guests leaving Alaska West on the charter should schedule their connecting flights to leave Anchorage any time after 4:00 pm.

OPTION 2. If you wish to do so, you may take Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Bethel and then take a small bush plane from Bethel to Quinhagak. This option does take more time and will require you to book specific Alaska Airlines flights in order to make your connections. If you would like more information on this please contact us.

Quinhagak to Alaska West
When you arrive in Quinhagak, either on our charter or on Grant Air coming from Bethel, you will be met on the airstrip by representatives from Alaska West. You will board a jet boat for the 25 minute ride upriver to our facility. Be sure to pack your raingear in an accessible spot - if it's raining you'll want it for the ride upriver.

Guests will typically arrive at Alaska West between 4:00 and 5:00pm on Friday. This does not allow time for fishing on your arrival day, but it provides a great opportunity to unpack, relax, get your gear rigged and enjoy an extended happy hour. Please remember that travel in bush Alaska requires flexibility and that a variety of factors, including weather, may impact your travel and therefore your arrival time.



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