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Floating, sink tip, and multi-tip fly lines.  What to get?  Ask us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Airflo Custom Cut Tips 20'


Airflo's Custom Cut Tips are great for cutting and creating custom sink tips for you Skagit head. Ideally the 20' in each package can be cut into a 13' & a 7' or two 10' lengths. 
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Headstart Floating Line


Our favorite economical floating line. The Headstart is durable, slick, and it is built a half size heavier to help load rods. 
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Rio 10-Foot Streamer Sink Tip Type 6


If you are looking for a compact sink tip that gets down fast, look no further. The short, heavy head loads quickly and at short range. The density compensated tip makes strike detection easier. A great line! 
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Rio Avid Trout Line


Rio's Avid Trout line is solid performer in the mid-price arena. The Avid is super slick and is designed for easy casting performance, with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths. 
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Rio Braided Loops


We really like Rio's braided loops for creating lead heads such as T11 or T14. Attach to your fly line with either super glue or a nail knot. 3 sizes to choose from. 4 per pack. Color is white. 
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Rio Gold - Moss/Gold


The Rio Gold is one of our favorite lines for trout fishing. It is an extremely smooth casting line that brings out the best in medium fast rods. A great roll casting line, too. 
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Rio Grand Floating Line


The RIO Grand is one half size heavier and features a unique taper design that pushes the weight to the front - enabling the caster to load the rod at short range. The line is ideal for fast action fly rods and is one of our favorite Alaska fly lines. 
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Rio GRIP Shooter Running Line


The Grip Shooter Running from Rio is one of our top choices when fishing Skagit and Scandi Shooting heads. The coated handling section of this mono running line makes for great casting ease. 
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Rio Outbound Coldwater Floating Line


For flat-out distance, Rio Outbound integrated head shooting lines are amazing! If easy long casts to cover water are on the agenda, the Outbound is the line of choice. 
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Rio Power Fly Line


The Powerfly is the Alaska-special of floating fly lines. It is specifically designed to cast large, wind-resistant, heavy flies with ease. What more could an Alaskan angler want? 
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Rio Scandi VersiTip Short


The Scandi Short VersiTip is an easy to cast and versatile shooting head system designed for use with Switch and Short Spey rods. With a compact Scandinavian designed taper, this shooting head is great for fishing small to medium sized flies on the swing. 
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Rio Switch Chucker


Rio's Switch Chucker has quickly become the go to line for Switch Rods. Whether you are new to the switch game or an advanced angler looking for the one line to cover most situations, the Chucker will get it done! 
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Rio T-Series 24 Foot Sink Tip Line


These 100 foot lines feature long (24') sink tips & are great for fishing in medium and large rivers where a standard sink tip isn't enough to get to the fish. Known to many as Teeny Lines, they are a staple in Alaska. 
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Rio T20, T17, T14, T11, T8 Sinking Heads


Need to get down in a hurry? Rio's 30 foot, tungsten core T-series sinking lines are for you. Great for building short heads. 
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Scientific Angelr 30 LB Dacron Backing


In Alaska you actually need this stuff! Use 30 LB backing for 9 weight lines and larger. Color is orange. 250 yard spool. 
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Scientific Angler 20 LB Dacron Backing


In Alaska you actually need this stuff! Use 20 LB backing for for 8 weight lines and smaller. Color is orange. 
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Scientific Angler Sharkskin Magnum- 50% Off -WF8F


We are over stocked on the Sharkskin Magnum Taper and you can grab one at a great price. A terrific line for casting large flies, windy conditions, and general Alaska fishing. Originally $99.95. 
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Wet Tip III Medium Sink Tip Line


The Wet Tip Series from Scientific Angler are the best sink tip lines on the market. The Type III is good for medium currents and depths of 3'-5'. 
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Wet Tip IV Medium-Fast Sinking Tip Line


The Wet Tip Series from Scientific Angler are the best sink tip lines on the market. The Type IV Medium-Fast Sink Tip is ideal for faster currents and depths of 5'-8'. 
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Wet Tip V Fast Sinking Tip Line


The Wet Tip Series from Scientific Angler are the best sink tip lines on the market. The Type V Fast Sinking Tip line is ideal for fast current and water depths of 8 feet or deeper. 
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